Course options:

*currently offering extreme discount on group classes! Act now*

Each childbirth course includes a brief consultation with me before the class begins! 

1 day express, 4 hr [$350] Now at a low & discounted price of $250!!
1 day intensive, 8 hr [$600] **8 hours includes the 1 hour break for lunch

Weekly: currently in the process of adding a weekly class that would range from 4-6 weeks. Please contact me if this is something you would be interested in so I can figure out what length of classes work best and if a certain day is best for people. Thanks!

in these group classes there will be will never be more than a total of 4 couples. I always keep the classes on the smaller side to keep it comfortable and personal so that we can talk freely and get you ready for the BIG day!

Private options: I can host or come to you--whatever your preference is!  [hourly rate + travel fee] average suggested time is 3-5 hrs

  • you & your support person [$100/hr]

  • you & your support person AND your other expecting couple friends [$75/hr per couple]

Breastfeeding & Newborn Care combo: [$125; 2hr]

  • Breastfeeding: a course covering benefits of breastfeeding, establishing adequate milk supply, feeding in the early weeks, different positions, proper latching, common problems encountered and how to avoid/deal with them, and more!

  • Newborn Care: normal newborn appearance, procedures & tests, feeding, diapering, bathing, grooming, dressing, swaddling, soothing a fussy baby, sleep, expectations for the first month, activities to do with your baby, and more!

consulting services offered:

if you are looking for an expert to go to with your questions and concerns throughout pregnancy and after delivery, I also offer personal consulting services in addition to my courses.  If interested, please email me for more details.  *


    doula services offered:

if you are looking for a doula, I would be delighted to meet with you to discuss more and see if we are the right fit! 
If interested, please email me to set up a meeting.

[I only accept a couple clients each season] 

As your doula, I will provide phone and email contact throughout your pregnancy and postpartum period for questions and will be on call for you from week 37 of your pregnancy until your birth. I will also come to your house to do a private, in home birth class that will review everything you need to know and practice breathing and movements that you will use during labor. I will have phone contact with you during early labor and join you when you decide you would like me to attend [typically once active labour begins], meeting you at your home, a birth center or the hospital depending on your preference. I will attend your labor continuously, providing physical comfort, emotional support, and information to assist you in decision-making. I will help your partner and any other support people, offering suggestions, information, assistance, and reassurance. I will serve as a liaison between you and the staff—establishing rapport, reminding them of your preferences, and helping you ask questions so that you can have the information you need to make decisions.

I will remain with you for at least one to two hours postpartum to assist with initiating breastfeeding and other early postpartum needs. I will be available by phone and email to answer any questions you have during your first two weeks postpartum and to offer you referrals for other resources as needed. I will provide one follow-up visit at the hospital or your home within the first two weeks postpartum to review your birth experience, answer any questions you have, assist with breastfeeding or make appropriate referrals, and get feedback from you about your experience overall.