Hi! My name is Kelsey and I'm a childbirth educator and labour & delivery nurse.

I'm a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator and have worked at three of the hospitals here in the city as a labor nurse. I have always been passionate and excited about childbirth--something so miraculous that clearly demonstrates how incredible the human body is!--But as I worked as a nurse in many labour and delivery units, I consistently saw one huge need: proper preparation. Although childbirth is something very natural, there are many things that an expecting mom could learn beforehand to become more comfortable and confident when the time finally comes to bring their baby into the world.  I love sharing information and knowledge with women—helping bring joy, comfort, excitement, confidence, and knowledge to what is sometimes a very nerve-wrecking experience. Let me help take what might seem like a bunch of unknowns and fear to what it should be: a beautiful, awesome, and empowering experience.  The opportunity to equip a mom for the big day brings me so much joy!  


Simply put, Kelsey is a warm and knowledgeable teacher, and we will be recommending her to all of our friends.

"She is extremely knowledgeable and provided excellent information not only about what to expect, but also excellent advice about what to do.  I think her extensive experience as a nurse sets her apart, as she was able to give us many tips we felt like only an insider who is in the delivery room trenches on a regular basis could.  I also really appreciated her balanced view and insight on avoiding unnecessary medial interventions, while still fully supporting pain relief and other options that those giving birth in a hospital tend to prefer." C.C.

lots of feelings & emotions are had in the labour room!

lots of feelings & emotions are had in the labour room!


"Knowledgeable, warm, sweet, supportive, compassionate, well-respected, lovely, comforting, informative..."

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...well respected by all of the physicians...

"Kelsey was our nurse for the birth of our son, and we could not have asked for a more attentive, compassionate, and knowledgeable person to help bring our baby boy into the world. Throughout my labor and delivery, she answered all of my questions reassuringly and put my husband and my mind at ease. She is incredibly professional, but makes you feel at home with her care. I can say with the utmost confidence that my labor and delivery would not have been such a wonderfully smooth process without Kelsey's presence. It was clear throughout my son's delivery that Kelsey was well-respected by all of the physicians present as well, and she was an instrumental and critical part of the birth team. I can't imagine having another baby without Kelsey there! Words can't express how lucky and blessed we were to have Kelsey come into our lives, and welcome our son into the world with us. Thank you, Kelsey, you're one in a million!" — E.G.


...As a very nervous first time mother, she gave me great comfort and put me at ease. I felt like I could trust her, and the advice she provided was always in my best interest...

"Only one word describe Kelsey, and that is AMAZING. She was personable, lovely, and sweet. She was also very attentive by explaining everything that was happening or going to happen, and listening to what I wanted according to my birth plan. As a very nervous first time mother, she gave me great comfort and put me at ease. I felt like I could trust her, and the advice provided was always in my best interest... " — J.T.