The perfect course to prepare you for your big day...


Although childbirth is something very natural, there are many things expecting parents can and should learn beforehand. This will help answer all of your questions, ease any worries that you have, give you a sense of confidence, and equip you with everything you need so that you can fully enjoy what will be one of the most memorable days of your life! 



*$50 discount if you participate in all 3 courses

*$20 discount if you refer a friend and they purchase a birthing course

some of the topics that will be covered in the Childbirth Course...

  • physiology of late pregnancy

  • recommended exercises during pregnancy and after delivery

  • hospital, home, or birthing center?

  • signs of labour

  • pain and coping strategies

  • labour support and massage

  • anything you would want to know about what to expect once you're at the hospital [being an L&D nurse, I can give you the most realistic picture of what to expect!]

    • routine monitoring

    • medical interventions [what terms they may use and what it actually means...and what you need to know as the patient. Risks vs benefits, your patient rights, etc.]

    • pain management options

    • birth preference sheets

    • cesarean sections

  • the postpartum period

  • basics of breastfeeding and newborn care [courses offered for more in depth information on these two topics]

  • understanding evidence based practice

Childbirth Course options:

Each childbirth course includes a 30 min consultation with me before the class begins to discuss your goals for your birthing experience! 

1 day express, 4 hr
2 day intensive, 8 hr 

Private optionsI can host or come to you--whatever your preference is!  [hourly rate + travel time]

  • you & your support person

  • you & your support person AND your other expecting couple friends

additional courses offered:

Breastfeeding: a course covering benefits of breastfeeding, establishing adequate milk supply, feeding in the early weeks, different positions, proper latching, common problems encountered and how to avoid/deal with them, and more!  [1.5 hr]

Newborn Care: normal newborn appearance, procedures & tests, feeding, diapering, bathing, grooming, dressing, swaddling, soothing a fussy baby, sleep, expectations for the first month, activities to do with your baby, and more! [1.5hr]

Breastfeeding & Newborn Care combo: [3hr]


A course perfect for you...

Preparing you for what is to come in the later parts of pregnancy, early labor, delivery of your beautiful baby, breastfeeding, and early newborn care can all be found here!